Product Code:  188

Maple | Timeless Gray with Glaze
Maple | Verde
Maple | Vintage Cream
Maple | Warm White
Maple | Warm White with Feather Glaze
Maple | Willow
Maple | Winter Gates Glaze
Maple | Black
Maple | Natural
Maple | Gigi's Grey
Maple | Polo Blue
Maple | Altera White
Maple | Balboa Mist
Maple | Biscuit
Maple | Bistro
Maple | Blue Silk
Maple | Chelsea Gray
Maple | English Walnut
Maple | Lily White
Maple | Platinum
Maple | Repose Grey
Maple Rubidoux
Maple | Silver Feather
Maple | Snowbound
Maple | Soft Cream
Maple | Timberwolf

This native of the Northeastern United States and Canada is the best of the best in strength and durability of all of the hardwoods. It has  a high surface hardness & fine even texture. Because of its tight grain it is the perfect specimen for a beautifully smooth and even painted surface. Our clients love the affordability & durability of our hard maple cabinets. Click on a sample to see an enlargement of the grain and finishes.